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Sequencing For Success

Includes 14 Modules, 10 Sequences and 4 Bonuses! Imagine walking onto an agility course and immediately knowing how to handle an area. Or two. Or Three or more! How great would it feel to know you are prepared...and have solid skills for success on any agility course you may encounter! Imaging having the knowledge, timing and confidence to know exactly what to do (and that you've trained your dog!) to perform each section of an agility course like a veteran. In the past, agility enthusiasts were taught handling maneuvers, but were often left to decipher were and when those skills should be used. In Sequencing for Success, those challenging agility sequences are the core of each module, but this time I remove the guess-work by training handlers, just like you, to deliver clear and specific handling cues to their dog...cues that are easy to train and cues that are easily understood by your dog. This training is geared for those with minimal equipment and is meant to be done from the comfort of your home and in your small backyard!

Training Covered in the Modules:

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Training Covered in the Modules:

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